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Running a restaurant or bar is a challenging enterprise because of traditionally slim profit margins. To be successful, the restaurant owner needs to know every week if his business is profitable or not.

Critical factors that require weekly monitoring include on-hand inventory and cost, correct menu pricing, portion controls, food cost, pour cost, labor cost and how to control overhead.

If the restaurant owner discovers that part of the operation is not performing up to par, he or she needs to make the right decisions so that the problem can be fixed in a timely manner.

As a former restaurant owner, Tom has observed first hand the importance of reliable bookkeeping and accounting and of knowing what the relative percentages should be.

He knows what percentage you need to pay for labor, rent, and cost of goods sold and how much you need to sell your products for to make money. He understands how other variables, such as competition, supply and demand, will impact success.

Tom Ward Bookkeeping can provide all the financial
information… as well as the monthly or weekly reporting… everything necessary for you to become and remain a successful enterprise.

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About Tom Ward

Tom has been in business for over 20
years and during this time has worked
closely with business owners and
financial officers across a broad
spectrum of bookkeeping activities.

Tom is a seasoned businessman who
after five years as owner-operator of a
successful fine dining establishment in
Iowa, returned to college and earned a
bachelor’s degree in accounting.

His initial day-to-day experience of
business operations has given him an
intuitive understanding of the
challenges faced in any business
enterprise. Today, he runs a busy
practice in Bradenton, Florida that serves a variety of small to mid-sized companies.

Tom is a Certified Public Bookkeeper
and member of the National Association
of Certified Public Bookkeepers.

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